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Initiate Better Online Learning Ambiance for the Learners


Submitted by Robert Williams – A Educational Content Writer From The United States


The dominance of Internet technology and advancement of technology in the present age has welcomed a paradigm shift in several aspects of life and education too was no different. The introduction of distance learning in the educational sphere has  allowed students to reach beyond the conventional classroom setting in pursuit of knowledge. Furthermore, the natural extension of the learning via distance concept that took shape in the form of online learning has taken education a step ahead. Today, learners can have access to knowledge more flexibly and easily without the hassle of regular attendance and strict classroom sessions.


Distance learning paves a platform that allows better connectivity among students and teachers with their learning sessions independent of space, distance, and time at their own comfort and convenience. Since, online learning is all about technological support, it is essential for both the teacher and student to develop a better understanding of the tools used in the process of knowledge sharing. A mutual understanding is required to develop learning that is both efficient and effective.


Since, the learner is new in this mode of learning, the onus of making him or her feel comfortable in the virtual world depends on the instructor. The instructor must take the onus of making things easier, especially the handling of technological tools easier for the students. To achieve the purpose, following some online teaching ideas might help the instructor developing a better learning experience –


  • Relation between Student and Teacher

Online instructors should always maintain a good and healthy relation with students that reach beyond being excessive strict and disciplined. From answering the queries of the students to responding their needs, an online teacher should always be available for his or her students. Each student in the distance learning approach should have a direct access with the online instructors and be able to communicate with the instructor freely without any restrictions.


  • Understanding between a Student and Teacher

Developing an understanding between a student and teacher is considered, as one of the preferred online teaching ideas. You must develop a good bond with your student, understand his or her problem area or subjects of interest, and take steps accordingly to instill in him the sense of encouragement. Integrating the ambience of a physical classroom in the virtual sphere of education stands important in such learning pursuits. Do not allow your students to take online course lightly.


  • Communication between a Student and Teacher

Since, learning in the distance mode of education is dependent mostly on communication, it is essential that the teacher and student communicate well. Your student is balancing between studies and work; therefore, you need to focus on encouraging him or her for attending the online class sessions. You should always be available for your student and focus on communicating with him or her, as and when required.


  • Advice between a Student and Teacher

Offering positive feedback and advice to students is also sought important, as this comes across as one of the effective online teaching ideas. Do not allow negativity in the online classroom ambience and focus on instilling a positive approach in the learning mode. Try initiating a sense of self-confidence in the learners and let him or her know about the improvement areas that might help grasp the subject better.


Applying these strategies or online teaching ideas help in better learning and allows you to excel, as a better instructor in online education sector.

Written by Robert Williams Tuesday, 31 January 2012 08:46


#LoriAnne2012-02-14 16:44

On-line learning communities are gaining ground among educators because it provides a rich area of development for 21st Century Skills that will better prepare our students for the professions they will inherit. Many businesses today have done away with daily, face to face contact and it is possible that many of students will never have to operate in a workplace setting. It is very possible, however, and most likely that they need to understand the rules, relationship and professionalism needed in an on-line community. When you commented that the onus is on the teacher to make the student comfortable in the technology, highlights the hurdles many educators encounter. Until it is required and expected of them, we will not take on that responsibility. It is still viewed as optional to use technology rather than essential. Focusing on the skills they will need means losing those that hinder their development.

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